The Babka Sisters

The great babka bake-off is on! Esther and Hester’s new neighbor, Sylvester, will gladly be their babka tester, and decide which sister’s Babka is the best. With cat Lester and dog Chester,… Read More →

  • Dewey: [E]
  • Copyright: 2023


“A fun, colorful story that inspires baking and friendship. Reviewer Rating: 5” —Children’s Literature View →


“Newman’s little culinary romp is infectiously happy and fun to read aloud. Detailed instructions for baking a babka are included. The steps are many; the results are delicious. Entertaining, lighthearted, and yummy.”―Kirkus Reviews View →


“This book’s ingredients of wordplay, dessert, and family combine smoothly into a delicious treat.”―starrred, Booklist View →


“This sweet, tasty tale of bab­ka and love…is a fun read-aloud (per­haps best paired with some heav­en­ly babka).”―Jewish Book Council View →


“A cute, rhythmic picture book. A lot of fun to read aloud.”―Book Riot View →